I was born and raised in the Flint and Tri County area by generations of hard working GM workers . I'm a wife of twenty-six years and a mother to four great Gen Z kids that all struggle to see many future career opportunities here in Michigan , unlike their grand parents and great grand parents had . I graduated from high school in 1989 during a Republican recession , went to trade school and have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1991 . I worked that trade on and off until 2014 when I became a certified special Ed . Parapro and now work at Oaktree Elementary school in Goodrich Michigan where I have lived most of my adult life .Jobs in Michigan can be reformed by opening our opportunities by decriminalizing marijuanna and brining biodegradables and clean energy technologies to our state ! The revenue will help put people to work with a living wage . Union workers need answers and solutions to the real threats of loss in reguards to their hard earned pensions ! I intend to fight for them and Agriculture Business men and women who are following the rules and are still losing business with all Trump's New Trade war with numberous countries they had valuable agreements with threatening their livelyhood ! We must Vote out the Republican's this fall to stop this Madness !
When elected I plan to work closely with State lawmakers to past Medicare for all and decimate the prescription drug prices and medical costs . We will reinstate EPA regulations and protect the Great Lakes , including implementingreal solutions for the line 5 ticking time bomb!
I will fight for our Public Schools to fully fund education and protect our kids and teachers by supporting common sense gun reform laws and get weapons of war off the streets .
We must repeal the Trump Tax Scam and replace it with real middle class tax cuts ! We Need to Protect Equality for All especially Womens Rights ,the LGBTQ community, and help pass laws to make Cops Walk a" True Blue line " because Black Lives Matter and officiers need to be held to account for abuse of power ! I support an Urgent and CLEAN DACA bill ! DACA kids are true Americans , and have proven their worth and more - the waiting needs to end now ! I believe the current administration is dangerous to every American especially women , children , people of color , the Disabled , the Elderly , the LGBTQ community , foreign Refugee's begging for asylum at our boarders and even our U.S. Military ! ... and if they are Not stopped soon OUR children will spend their lives trying to clean up this mess ! This is why I am running for state senate district #31 , and I'm asking for your vote ! , and I'm asking that you encourage everyone you know to vote Democrat Blue this AUGUST 7th Primary Election 2018 , We have so much to do and protect now , and our lives depend on it !


Our Veterans , Ou...

Allow me to thank you all for your service ! The work you've done as Veterans of these United States it has been impeccable and irreplaceable ! You deserve to be showered in respect and protected when you return home your rights are well-earned and more deserved than most ! Neglecting you is not acceptable ! , yet that is exactly what Donald Trump's Administration has done ! Shameful !


Trump Is Destroyi...

Donald Trump is constantly attacking the allies of the United States our friendships with Other Countries that we have made are invaluable we cannot just throw caution to the wind and let him continue on in the direction of attacking and raging tariff Wars on the very countries who we depend on to keep us safe in an alliance .


Biodegradables & ...

By bringing biodegradable and clean energy opportunities , renewable energy to Michigan these Technologies can not only create but also stimulate our job growth and economy growth everyone around us in many other states prove this everyday ! We need to bring opportunity to Michigan !


America 's Nation...

We all know that as long as Our president Donald Trump continues to rub elbows with dictators like Kim Jun own and Latimer Putin we are going to Un we are all in severe danger of yet another terrorist attack brought on by our own president ! He does not take serious that our elections were hacked 2016 even though he sees all the evidence all of the intelligence agencies that have shown and proved over and over again HE needs to go we have to vote them out !!


We must fully fun...

And yet another administrative secretary that is destroying incredible work that was done by the Obama Administration that would be Betsy DeVos she is destroying our public schools she is creating incredible immigration crisis along with Trump throughout her adoption agencies ! She's profiting immensely and she's part of the corruption, she needs to go ! We need to vote out the Republicans in 2018 and 2020 if we are going to protect and preserve education in the public school system for our teachers and our students plain and simple !


RETURN to Common ...

Although it is a blessing that Scott Pruitt has been fired from the EPA we still have so much work to do because he's done so much damage in such a small time , we need to reinstate Obama EPA regulations evaluate things that he has done to make things worse there are people in Louisiana that are struggling to find solutions to repair the Damage Done to swamps thanks to trumps rolling back regulations and drilling in those areas . That's just a few that were aware of you need to protect the Great Lakes and we need to make sure that there's no drilling done especially around line five because that needs to be shut down as soon as possible . We have to have environmental regulations science is real ! Science Matters!


Trumps Immigratio...

The Trump Regime is a horrible Souless heartless Administration they have done irreversible damage two extremely young children and their parents the families belong together and Trump needs to reunite them immediately even though we know Democrats will have to be the ones to pick up the pieces and fix his mess !
As usual !!


It's Long past Ti...

Lets pass irreversable laws that protects a Womans right to Choose , Marriage and Gender Equality , Wage Equality , and Environmental protections for Climate Equality too ! Science and Healthcare Go hand in hand America Deserves Healthcare for All , and A healthy Environment to live in !


UnCorrupt Lansing...

We simply can not continue to allow the GOP to continue corrupting Democracy ! They need to be held accountable for taking pay offs and throwing money at the bills they know will pass , if they don't kill them first !


Is A Human Rig...

We Need to Protect and Strengthen our Affordable Care Act - ACA
( Obama Care is Affordable Care Act !)
Until we can pass a Medicare for All !
The disabled , the elderly , the mentally ill , pregnant mothers and children are all very vulnerable to the republican agenda and their cruel views to repeal health care ! please rely on real information -
( Not Fox News lies !)


End Gun Violence ...

End Gun Violence ! We Need to get Weapons of War off the Streets , Stronger Universal back ground checks for all fire arms , Ban bumpstocks ! 5 states in June did all of that already , New Jearsy , Maine , Colorado , Rhode Island ,& Massachusetts , Well Done !
Here in Michigan our back ground laws are lacking severely for AR-15 assault rifles !
THAT'S ALARMING ! We need Red flag laws too , Keep the Guns out of a known Stalkers hands ! Lets get it done !


Trump Tax Scam !

Tax cuts for The Wealthy hasn't shown up in my pay check ! How bout yours? We are in danger of another Recession folks ! Tax cuts for Coporations are not creasting the jobs they wete supposed too ! Not raising the wages like it was supposed to either ! Let's Repeal the Trump Tax and fix his Mess before it gets any bigger !


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